Becker Patrol Pack and Ruger GS Scout

Becker Patrol Pack and Ruger GS Scout

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gearing Up For A Survival Class This Weekend

I have been busy packing for a class this weekend at 88 Tactical. Teaching these type of classes is where a lot of my real world testing comes into play. If I have wet cold students, I am using this gear to make fires,drying racks, and fast shelters. If it is time to feed them there is food to prep, wood to gather, and utensils to make. I think you can see where I am coming from. I have taken a few pics of just a small amount of the gear I am taking.

I am going old school for my pack this weekend. This Kelty has been around a long time. I saved it from a dumpster, sawed the frame down, and did a bunch of repairs and small mods. It has seen a bunch of miles.

Sleeping gear is pretty simple. MSS and a therma rest.

Lots of cutting and sharpening tools.

I will be taking out the Hill People Gear Serape this trip. I will be using it and a Bushcraft Outfitters MEST to show some emergency shelters.

Gonna be a great weekend. It was supposed to be a Winter Survival class, but temps will be to nice for that. So, we will make due with what Ma Nature gives us. Hope to do a video. See ya next week!!!


  1. Great set up especially with the old school pack. I can't wait to see some pics. I thought it was going to be extremely cold there or did the front move out? Have a good one!

  2. Can't wait to see what you did with the Serape and MEST. I guess since I wasn't able to make it up, I'll just have to be patient. Oh, BTW I'll be picking up a Farmer this week so I may have to make a sheath for that one too....

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